AG-230 aerosol generator

AG-230 aerosol generator is our company independent research and development production of the latest light weight stainless steel condensing shock generation generator. It only requires clean compressed gas to produce polydisperse particles. The AG-230 has four pullers. At a pressure of 20 psig and an air flow of 540 cfm, the aerosol concentration is about 100 ug / L. Two Adjustable Valves Adjustable instruments use 2 to 4 nozzles to provide different ranges of aerosol particle concentrations. The AG-230 aerosol generator is often used to detect high efficiency filter systems with air flow rates of no more than 5400 cfm. It is more suitable for high efficiency filter unit, negative pressure filter device, biological safety cabinet and other equipment.

AG-220 aerosol generator

AG-220 aerosol generator is our independent research and development of portable aerosol generator, and aerosol generator AG-230 type, are the use of compressed air condensation generated aerosol particles; the difference is that he built a compressed air source, without resorting to foreign cmpressed air. The AG-220 aerosol generator has six Laskin nozzles that are fully open and capable of reaching a flow rate of 200 cfm at 20 psig and are capable of producing and delivering an aerosol concentration of nearly 100 ug / L. By adjusting 2 to 6 Laskin nozzles, the output of different aerosol concentrations is achieved. AG-220 aerosol generator recommended in the test air flow below 2000cfm to run, used to test a single unit of high efficiency filter detection.

AG-1800 Aerosol Generator

AG-1800 aerosol generator is our company independent research and development only rely on the principle of heating to produce and output aerosol particles of aerosol generator.
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