YKJ-02 compressed air diffuser

The compressed air diffuser is a decompression device that is convenient for detecting dust particles and planktonic bacteria in the compressed air. The regulating valve can adjust the pressure of the compressed air in the pressure reducing device and the pressure difference between the indoor and the outside of the compressed air, which is convenient for the detection of the instrument

TEST0405 anemometer

The basic principle of the anemometer is to put a thin metal wire in the fluid, and the current is applied to heat the metal wire to make the temperature higher than the temperature of the fluid. Therefore, the wire anemometer is called the "hot wire". When the fluid flows through the metal wire in the vertical direction, it will take away a part of the heat of the metal wire, so that the temperature of the metal wire will drop.

Air Flow Capture Hood

1. Battery powered for 30 hours at a time, rechargeable 2. There is an adjustable bracket with wheels, instead of a human lifting support, the total height can reach 3M, making it easier to measure the air volume. 3. The measurement data of 1000 air outlets can be stored, which can be read, deleted, printed and recorded at will.
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