Mac-600Air Purification and Disinfection Machine

MAC series air purification and disinfection machine is a multi-functional low-noise air purification and disinfection equipment, which can purify indoor air and plasma disinfection, and remove suspended particles, smoke, dust, inhalable particles, microorganisms, organic gases and other substances harmful to the human body in the air. , It can also be used for negative pressure extraction of indoor air after purification and disinfection treatment, and then discharged outside. It can be widely used for air purification and disinfection in public places, hospitals, schools, offices, laboratories, etc., to improve air quality, and it can also be used for negative pressure isolation The environment extracts indoor polluted air after purification and disinfection, and then discharges it outdoors to protect people's health.

MAC-1200 Air Purification and Disinfection Machine

Mac-1200 air purification and disinfection machine (hereinafter referred to as air purifier) is an air purification equipment that provides a local dust-free aseptic working environment.

MACP series mobile air purifier

MACP series mobile air purifier is an ultra-thin low-power noise air treatment device, which is mainly used to improve the environment, improve cleanliness, kill microorganisms, remove smoke, especially improve local environmental cleanliness and prevent infection (contamination). Diffusion has a unique effect. The clean bed, clean clinic chair and clean waiting chair are a kind of effective protection for the medical staff and the health people. The device is also widely used in public places, cars, offices, in addition to smoke, deodorization, in addition to the machine V O C, to improve the quality of the environment.
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