ISLT series negative pressure isolator

Negative pressure isolator is an isolation and protection equipment with high tightness that forms negative pressure during process operation. Generally,it is composed of operation cabin,continuous bagging system, RTP valve system, control system cleaning system,sterilization system,waste liquid collection module,etc. Users can configure functions according to process requirements, mainly used in the operation process that causes toxicity and pollution to human body or environment,especialy in anti-tumor drugs Active biological products, animal testing and other industries have been widely used.

Sterility test isolator

The sterile inspection isolator is a kind of controlled clean microenvironment that can remove surface microorganisms, isolated, no personnel pollution, and cleanliness A level environment. It is widely used in the background of D or C level environment. Bacteria drugs are checked. Meets the requirements of China's 2015 Pharmacopoeia.

cell culture isolator

The cell culture isolator integrates cell culture-related functional components such as centrifuges and carbon dioxide incubators, and completes cell culture-related operations in a closed sterile environment to meet GMP production requirements for cell products.

sterillity testing isolator cabinet

STl series sterile isolator is a controlled clean micro-environment that not only removes the external microbial contamination,isolation,and non-personnel contamination,but also maintains the cleanliness level A environment. It is equipped with a special hydrogen peroxide VHP sterilizer,a residue removal system after sterilization,a sterile air supply system,a closed cabin system,a special HMl operation and recording system,and a computerized verification system software. The sterile isolator is widely used in pharmaceutical,medical Sterile isolation operation in sanitary,biological test and other places.

Bag in bag out safety filter box

Bag-in and bag-out safety filter box is a safe and contactless filter replacement device,which is widely used in various high-risk or high-activity, high-toxicity and other fields,especially in biological and chemical(NBC) protection,hospital isolation wardsbiological research, genetic and biotechnology laboratories and other industries to play a central role in personnel and environmental protection. The biggest feature of the bag-in and bag out safety filter box is that the installation,replacement and detection of the filter are carried out under the protection of pVC bags (or High temperature resistance), and the filter unit is completely free of contact with the outside air,thus ensuring the safety of personnel and the environment,making the replacement process convenient and fast.


Glove box is a kind of safety protection equipment with sealed inert gas protection, a closed system with ultra-low leakage rate, and an ultra-high purity nitrogen or inert gas working environment. It is widely used in new energy, lithium battery, vacuum deposition, laser welding, nuclear industry, laboratory and other industries. In terms of operation forms, there are single sided and double sided operation forms; From a structural perspective, there are integrated and split types; From a functional perspective, there are automatic control of gas pressure, automatic control of water and oxygen content, and automatic regeneration and reduction of purification columns; It has functions such as three-level user management, security prompts, fault alarm and diagnosis, data storage, audit tracking, and electronic signature. This device can be connected and integrated with different devices and accessories to achieve various process requirements. The AGLB series glove box provides an economical and efficient solution for inert atmosphere applications, mainly used for user protection. The thick, transparent, and durable acrylic shell provides optimal visibility and is impervious to ambient air. Standard neoprene gloves have excellent wear resistance and chemical resistance. The AGLB series glove box can meet your project specifications and can be configured according to process characteristics, such as purification front chamber (P), vacuum front chamber (V), or circulation unit (C).
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