dynamic pass box

The laminar flow hood transfer window is a supporting equipment of the clean room. It is installed between different cleanliness levels to transfer items. Even if the items are self-cleaning, they can also act as an airlock to prevent air convection between the clean rooms. The two doors of the transfer window are equipped with electronic interlocking devices, so that the two doors of the transfer window cannot be opened at the same time, so that the airflow between

VHP series sterilization pass box

The VHPB series sterilization pass box is a special sterilization equipment that can provide absolute biological decontamination on the surface of the article when transferring articles between different functions. It is equipped with a dedicated hydrogen peroxide VHP generator, a sterile air supply system, an electromagnetic door interlocking system, a closed system, a residue removal system after sterilization, a dedicated HMI (human machine interface) and a sterilizing medium delivery system. It is widely used for surface sterilization at room temperature in places such as pharmacy, medical treatment, sanitation, biological experiment, etc.

static pass box

The box body of the pass box is made of stainless steel plate, which can effectively avoid rust. The two doors adopt electronic interlocking device. The two interlocking doors cannot be opened at the same time. Both doors are double-glazed, the surface is flat, not easy to accumulate dust, and easy to clean. Order hotline: 4006-555-379
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