Y09-3106C /5106C/516C/316C/118C/100106C/airborne Particle Counter

Y09-3106C airborne particle counter (hereinafter referred to as the instrument) is an instrument used to measure the size and number of large dust particles suspended in the air per unit volume. The instrument adopts semiconductor laser light source, touch computer display, high detection accuracy, simple and clear function operation, computer control, can store and print the test results, and the test environment is very convenient. It is widely used in the concentration of large particles suspended in the environment of electronics, optics, chemistry, food, cosmetics, medicine and health, biological products, aerospace and other sectors.


DP-50 was developed and designed by Suzhou Hongji Clean Technology Co., Ltd. to fill the domestic gap and has applied for national invention patents and utility model patents; this equipment is mainly used for on-site HEPA filter system integrity testing. The scanning probe can provide all the functions of the host.

FFU series fan filter unit

The FFU series fan filter unit adopts new American technology and is suitable for obtaining a clean environment of 100-1 in a 10000-1000 environment. It provides high-quality clean air for clean air showers and micro-environments of different sizes and different cleanliness levels. In the new clean room, clean workshop or renovation and renovation, it can not only improve the cleanliness level, reduce noise and reduce vibration, but also greatly reduce the cost. It is

AD series atomization sterilizer

The AD series of atomized sterilizers use sub-micron disinfection factors to have strong spore-killing ability at room temperature. They are used to attack cellular components, including lipids, proteins and DNA tissues, and can quickly be converted into H2O/O2/CO2 , To achieve the purpose of rapid disinfection. AD series atomization sterilizer is a device that forms a submicron aerosol through the atomizer, and then delivers it to the space to be disinfected through a nozzle for disinfection. Suitable disinfection factors: hydrogen peroxide disinfectant, chlorine disinfectant, peracetic acid disinfectant, and other liquid disinfectants.

FKC-100 Microbial Air Sampler

FKC-100 Microbial Air Sampler has a unique and novel structure. It is divided into upper and lower parts. The upper part of the airborne bacteria sampler is the collection port, the sampling seat and the air pump, and the lower part is the controller and battery.The sampling port and shell of the planktonic bacteria sampler are made of aviation aluminum, and the surface is closed-pore treatment, which is convenient for sterilization before use. This instrument has a large sampling volume, stable performance, simple operation, and has reached the advanced level of similar products. It is an ideal floating dust bacteria concentration sampling instrument for the detection departments of various pharmaceutical factories, hospitals, biological products, food processing, and public places.

BPC-2 Laser Online Planktonic Bacteria Detector

The laser on-line planktonic bacteria detector can detect the dynamic concentration of planktonic microorganisms in the air in real time, and quickly and quickly display the concentration of environmental planktonic microorganisms.
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