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Clean mobile vehicle

The clean mobile vehicle is a movable purification equipment that carries a built-in DC power supply, can be electrically lifted, and provides a local class A environment; it is widely used in the pharmaceutical industry, from the filling of medicines to the freeze dryer. It can quickly and seamlessly and effectively dock with the filling isolator (RABS) and the dust-free docking of the freeze dryer to ensure that the drugs are transported in the CLASSA zone. And docking.







Product  introduction

Clean transfer vehicle is a kind of portable purification equipment with built-in large-capacity battery and DC fan to provide local Class-A environment. It is widely used in the pharmaceutical industry, such as aseptic docking and transfer of rubber stopper barrels, tools and instruments, drugs, etc., which not only ensures the safety of loading and transfer of rubber stopper, tools and instruments, and drugs in the CLASS A area, but also ensures that the clean transfer vehicle does not damage the cleanliness of the working environment and the production process environment.
1. Classification of clean transfer vehicles
There are many forms, configurations and uses of clean transfer vehicles, which are divided as follows:
According to the function, the clean transfer vehicles are divided into: rubber plug clean transfer vehicles, tools and instruments clean transfer vehicles, clean clothes clean transfer vehicles, filled drugs clean transfer vehicles, freeze-dried drugs clean transfer vehicles, and so on.
According to the prevailing form of airflow, clean transfer vehicles are divided into horizontal laminar flow type, vertical laminar flow type and turbulent flow type.
According to the configuration, the clean transfer vehicle is divided into intelligent control and ordinary control, with the configuration functions of lifting platform, docking sliding door, online detection of suspended particles, automatic positioning, loading and unloading mechanism, constant wind speed control, constant pressure difference control, and so on.
2. Structure description
The clean transfer vehicle is composed of a chassis, a high-efficiency filter, a DC variable air volume fan unit, a rechargeable power supply box, an electric lifting mechanism, gloves, a PLC control system, and a wind speed differential pressure detection system. The case is made of fingerprint-free stainless steel SUS304, and the sheet metal is bended in one body. It is beautiful, clean, and easy to clean and disinfect.
The clean transfer vehicle adopts a PLC control system to control the constant wind speed of the DC fan, which can keep the average wind speed in the clean working area within the rated range (0.45m/s ± 20%). Under the condition of maintaining the cleanliness and positive pressure in the working area, the service life of the main component of the transfer vehicle - high efficiency air filter is effectively extended.


3. Model description








Typical user

Jingjing Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

Jiangsu Jibeier Pharmaceutical

Kaifeng Kangnuo Pharmaceutical

Shandong Saikesaisi Biotechnology

Shandong Jintai Biopharmaceutical Industry

Shanghai Institute of Biological Products

Suzhou Terui Pharmaceutical

Heilongjiang Heibao Pharmaceutical

Harbin Zhanda Robot

Jilin Jianjin Pharmaceutical

Changchun Changqing Pharmaceutical

Shenyang Sunshine Pharmaceutical

Liaoning Hisco Pharmaceutical

Liaoning Amendment Pharmaceutical

Kaifeng Mingren Pharmaceutical

Yuanda Shuyang Pharmaceutical

Heilongjiang Zhenbaodao Pharmaceutical

Harbin Labtop Pharmaceuticals

CSPC Ouyi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

Handan Pharmaceutical

Wuhan Nuoan Pharmaceutical