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BIBO Bag in bag out filter

Bag in bag out filter is a kind of filter that the poisonous and harmful dust particles and chemical gas material collected on the filter, and through a transparent pocket not contact way and replace the filter ,is purification equipment. It is widely used in pharmaceutical, environmental protection, chemical industry, medicine and health, quarantine and epidemic prevention departments of personnel protection and environmental protection.



BIBO Bag in bag out filter
[Product introduction]: The bag-in and bag-out filter is a filter for filtering toxic and harmful dust particles and chemical gas substances. Collected on the filter, and replace the filter through a transparent bag without contact, it is a purification equipment. It is widely used in personnel protection and environmental protection in pharmaceutical environmental protection, chemical industry, medicine, health quarantine, and epidemic prevention departments.
 Parameter / Model BIBO-3200/GH BIBO-1800/GH
Rated air volume m3/h 3200 1800
Filtration efficiency 99.99% @0.3μm
High efficiency filter specification and quantity 595 * 295 * 300 595 * 595 * 300 
Primary filter specification and quantity mm 595 * 295 * 46  595 * 595 * 46 
Overall dimensions mm 820 * 800 * 950 820 * 500 * 950
Length of reserved pocket mm 6 4
Filter replacement method Drawer type
Interface size mm 760 * 740
Material Steel paint
Weight 60 30
PAO detection port mm 10


Technical characteristics

1. BIBO bag inlet and bag outlet filter can effectively prevent radioactive gases, pathogens, dust and toxic chemicals.
2. BIBO HEPA filter can be designed with single filter or double filter system. Commonly used in medical, pharmaceutical, microelectronics, nuclear industry and biochemical laboratories. The type of HEPA filter can be used for vertical air filters or horizontal airflow.
3. The safety of replacing the filter box is specifically to prevent harmful particulate filter material from leaking during the replacement process and prevent secondary air pollution. Therefore, B I B O adopts a closed bag design to ensure the safety of replacement personnel.