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BIBO Bag in bag out filter

Bag in bag out filter is a kind of filter that the poisonous and harmful dust particles and chemical gas material collected on the filter, and through a transparent pocket not contact way and replace the filter ,is purification equipment. It is widely used in pharmaceutical, environmental protection, chemical industry, medicine and health, quarantine and epidemic prevention departments of personnel protection and environmental protection.



BIBO Bag in bag out filter

【Product Introduction]:Bag-in and bag-out safety filter box is a safe and contactless filter replacement device,which is widely used in various high-risk or high-activity, high-toxicity and other fields,especially in biological and chemical(NBC) protection,hospital isolation wardsbiological research, genetic and biotechnology laboratories and other industries to play a central role in personnel and environmental protection.
The biggest feature of the bag-in and bag out safety filter box is that the installation,replacement and detection of the filter are carried out under the protection of pVC bags (or High temperature resistance), and the filter unit is completely free of contact with the outside air,thus ensuring the
safety of personnel and the environment,making the replacement process convenient and fast.




Technical characteristics

1.The unique filter quick installation pressing mechanism,which not only has the function of self-locking to ensure that the filter pressing
seal is not loose, zero leakage, and can easily and quickly load and unload the filter under the premise of ensuring safety.
2. Equipped with online detection of differential pressure of each stage filter,monitor the resistance of the filter, and judge whether the filter
needs to be replaced.
3. Equipped with manual online leak detection and scanning device, it can detect leaks of high-efficiency filters in all directions without dead
4. Double bag sealing device,which not only ensures the sealing and safety of the replacement bag, but also ensures that the replacement
filter has no leakage.
5.One-piece sealed box to ensure high sealing.