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FKC-1 biological air sampler

FKC-1 airborne dust bacteria sampler has a unique and novel structure. It is divided into upper and lower parts. The upper part of the airborne bacteria sampler is the collection port, the sampling seat and the air pump, and the lower part is the controller and battery.


product description

HJCLEAN FKC-1 biological air sampler is a porous inhalation type plankton sampler. The structure of this instrument is unique and novel, divided into upper and lower parts, the upper part is the collection port, the sampling seat and the air pump, and the lower part is the controller and battery. The sampling port and shell are made of aviation aluminum, and the surface is closed-hole, which is convenient for sterilization before use. The planktonic bacteria sampler has a large sampling volume, stable performance, simple operation, and has reached the advanced level of similar products. It is an ideal dust bacteria concentration sampling instrument for the detection departments of various pharmaceutical factories, hospitals, biological products, food processing, and public places.


working principle

 FKC-1 biological air sampler is a miniaturized handheld portable device with a built-in lithium battery. Based on the Anderson impact principle, the impact speed reaches 12m/s, which is equivalent to Anderson's impact level of level 6. The suction device in the planktonic bacteria sampler sucks the air through the porous cover (sampling head), and hits the 90mm petri dish coated with agar medium, and the microorganisms in the air are "captured" on the agar medium. After taking out the petri dish and culturing under suitable conditions, the colonies are counted.


Brief description of work process

1. Remove the porous sampling head from the Microbial Air Sampler, place a culture dish with a diameter of 90mm on the culture dish base, adjust the culture dish to a basic level, and adjust the positioning rod to make the marking line on the positioning rod and culture The base is on the same level. Install the porous sampling head.

2. Press the power switch to display the last sampling data and sampling time on the display screen. At this time, press the up key or down key to view the historical data in the memory.

3. Remove the protective cover of the planktonic bacteria sampler

4. Press the sampling button to enter the sampling state. Start the sampling pump and counter according to the delay time. At this time, the sampling amount is gradually accumulated until it is equal to the set sampling amount. The counting is automatically stopped, the sampling pump is turned off, and the current sampling amount and date are set. The time is stored in the internal memory.

Technical characteristics

100L/min±5% sampling volume

Fully charged rechargeable battery can be used continuously for 6 hours

The sampling port has countless micro-holes, which reduces the overlap of dust and bacteria and reduces the risk of microbial count errors

Impact wind speed of sampling head: 12m/s

Collection efficiency: >75%

LED displays the sampling amount, sampling time and other parameters

The sampling amount, sampling time and other parameters can be stored in pages, and 256 pages of data can be stored

Unique shape, easy to use and easy to carry

It is easy to replace the petri dish, and the petri dish can be replaced by removing the collection port (use standard universal petri dish φ90*15)


Performance parameter

Sampling flow: 100L/min±5%

Impact wind speed of sampling head: 12m/s

Collection efficiency: >75%

Sampling port flow rate: 0.4m/s sampling at constant velocity in a clean room

Set sampling volume range: 10~6000L

Power supply: AC and DC dual purpose, rechargeable battery DC7.4V, can work continuously for 6 hours after fully charged

Volume: φ120*300

Weight: 2.5kg

Standard accessories: power adapter, 2 petri dishes, manual, certificate, factory inspection report, warranty card