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dispensing booth/sampling booth

dispensing booth/sampling booth is a kind of local purification equipment used for pharmaceutical, microbial research and scientific experiments and other places, it provides a vertical one-way air flow, part of the clean air circulation in the working area, part of the discharge to the nearby area, so that the working area produces negative pressure, prevent cross-pollution, to ensure the high cleanliness of the working area environment. The weighing and packing of dust and reagents in the equipment can control the overflow and rise of dust and reagents, prevent the inhalation harm of dust and reagents to human body, avoid the cross pollution of dust and reagents, and protect the external environment and the safety of indoor personnel.


General situation 

dispensing booth/sampling booth is a kind of work area relative to the equipment external negative pressure purification equipment. Is mainly used in medicine or activated carbon materials weighing, points with four levels of protection: in the process of material from the personnel and the environment pollution, environment from material, equipment is disposed of dust pollution, the operators from the material, the dust pollution, the environment of the weighbridge is disposed air flow pattern and pressure is not affected by weighbridge open or closed. The equipment is widely used for weighing, packaging and environmental protection in medicine, health and environmental protection industries.


The main features

There are pockets and containers for collecting materials under the negative pressure weighing table, so that the materials are collected in the container.

An isolation board is installed on the operating surface to ensure that the material will not fly out of the operating area.

The equalizing plate makes the wind speed uniform and guarantees the same wind speed on the same plane.

Automatic control of air supply and exhaust to ensure that the operating area is in a state of slight negative pressure relative to the outside of the equipment.

Microcomputer automatic control, automatic constant wind speed.

The operating parameters of the equipment can be stored, printed, and the operating parameters exceed the set limit alarm.

Equipment can be made: mobile, integral, assembled type.



Performance parameter





Cleanliness level


Air supply volume




Exhaust air volume

412m³/h 930m³/h 1238m³/h

Total air volume

2750m³/h 6200m³/h 8250m³/h

Air supply speed

0. 36-0. 54m/s (Adjustable)

noise dB(A)


Intensity LUX


power supply


Maximum power consumption 0.4KW 0.8KW 0.8KW


150kg 200kg 250kg

Work area dimensions