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VS series vertical air flow clean bench

The ultra-clean workbench is a highly versatile partial purification workbench. It adopts an adjustable air volume fan system and a touch switch to adjust the wind speed to ensure that the wind speed in the work area is always in a reasonable state.


product description

VS series ultra-clean workbench is a highly versatile partial clean workbench. It adopts an adjustable air volume fan system and a touch switch to adjust the wind speed to ensure that the wind speed in the work area is always in a reasonable state.

VS series of clean and ultra-clean workbenches are widely used in medical and health, pharmaceutical, biochemical experiments, electronics, precision instruments, meters, printing and other industries.



Model Description

working principle

Basic principle: The indoor air is initially filtered through a coarse filter, pressed into the static pressure box by a centrifugal fan, and then filtered through a high-efficiency air filter. The clean air flow sent from this is passed through the aseptic area from a certain uniform cross-sectional wind speed, thereby Form a dust-free and sterile clean working environment. However, the airflow directions of the two types of clean benches are different. The airflow after air purification of the side-flow workbench flows from the left or the right side to the opposite side through the work surface, and also flows from the top to the bottom or from the countryside to the opposite side, which can form airflow. The barrier keeps the work area sterile.


Brief description of work process

(1) For the newly installed or long-term unused ultra-clean workbench, the ultra-clean workbench and surrounding loop mirror must be cleaned with an ultra-static vacuum cleaner or a tool that does not produce fibers before use, and then sterilized by medicine. Method or ultraviolet sterilization method for sterilization;

(2) It is not allowed to store unnecessary items in the operation area, and keep the clean air flow in the operation area undisturbed;

(3) The operation area is a laminar flow area, so the working position should not hinder the normal flow of airflow, and the staff should try to avoid actions that disturb the airflow;

(4) The operating temperature of the operating area cannot exceed 60°C;

(5) When using the station, turn on the UV germicidal lamp 50 minutes in advance, and at the same time turn on the UV germicidal lamp to treat the microorganisms accumulated on the surface of the operation area. After 30 minutes, turn off the germicidal lamp and start the fan;

(6) Turn off the germicidal lamp during work, otherwise it will cause harm to the human body. If lighting is required, turn on the "Illumination" key switch, and the fluorescent lamp will light up;

(7) Operators should wear clean overalls, work shoes, masks and hats to ensure clean and sanitary work areas;

(8) After the operation, clean the work surface, collect all wastes, turn off the fan and lighting switch, wipe and disinfect with detergent and disinfectant;

(9) Finally, turn on the UV lamp on the workbench. After 30 minutes of irradiation and disinfection, turn off the UV lamp and cut off the power supply. If any problems are found during work, report to repair immediately.


Technical characteristics

Steel plate baking process, beautiful appearance, effective dustproof

Light touch switch to adjust voltage, three-speed speed regulation

Full-circulation airflow design, when a large amount of fresh air is replenished in the work area, part of the return air can be discharged from the top air outlet

The front of the workbench is equipped with a spring-loaded up and down sliding door for free positioning

Air curtain isolation design to prevent internal and external cross-contamination

Equipped with 2KW spare socket to provide convenience for operators

Optional sewage collection device under the countertop

Equipped with a silent fan, allowing the operator to avoid noise interference


Performance parameter

Parameter\Model VSF - 8 4 0 VS-1 3 0 0 VSF-1300CS 
Clean grade ISO Level 5 (Class 100)
Number of bacteria
≤0.5colonies/petri/hour( φ90mm petri)
Average wind speed 0.3~0.6m/s(Adjustable)
noise ≤62dB
Half peak value of shaking of shaking ≤5μm
Illumination ≥300Lx
Power supply AC,single-phase220V/50Hz
Max. power consumption 0.4KW 0.8KW 0.4KW
Weight 180kg 280kg 250kg
Dimension of working area 800*680*570mm 1120*650*720mm 1280*650*600mm
Overall dimension 840*700*1610mm 1300*825*1760mm 1300*800*1700mm
Specification and number
of high effective filter
760*610*50*① 760*610*50*② 760*610*50*①
Specification and number of light
from firefly/ ultraviolet light
20W*② 30W*② 20W*①
Suitable number Single Double Single